door ohmyboho

Friends; they are special, some are fake and some are real. But how do you know?

Fake ones;
– They’ll ignore you if you walk by, while they’re with other friends.
– They are ashamed to be with you, they won’t tell you anything at all.
– Sometimes they suddenly love you and hug you and other times they don’t even look at you.
– You have never bitchfights with them.
– If they’ve got a bitchfight with their other friends, they go stick with you.
– They won’t invite you for parties ‘nd stuff.
– They are lying sometimes.
– They are always comlpaining ‘bout their own friends.

Real ones;
– They’ll always be there for you.
– They accept you for who you are.
– They are honnestly.
– You can tell them everything and they’ll help you.
– They want to chill out with you sometimes.
– They do have some common with you.
– Sometimes they can do bitchy or annoying.
– They hate arguments with you and they’ll resolve them as quickly as possible.
– The sentences they will say to you sometimes; ‘I’ll be there for you” ”I love you” ”You are beautiful, stop complaining ‘bout yourself”.

Right now, you should have been thinking about your friends, wanting to hug them and show them how much you love them.
I hope you’ve learnt something about it; some people have 1000 friends, better 1 best friend then 1000 fake friends.