door ohmyboho

I think it’s time to give a loveboost.



Any closer now? NO, so just take your chance and try it out. You always lose if you never try. Believe in yourself! if he’s too shy, you have to push him trough this. He will aprecciate it and you guys will live happily ever after.
And what IF he rejects? SO WHAT! There are many other cute boys who DO actually love you. Just wait for the good one. With some people it just takes time to get a boyfriend. Even if you’re too shy to ask someone out, you should just DO IT, it will give you more confidence. I’m very shy but I haven’t met a cute guy yet, so I can’t tell ya if it worked out with me. (;
But as far as I know it from other people, I can tell you this;
Just wait for it, cause that moment will be there.


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