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Hi fellas,
I’m going to show you what kind of product I use and like.

Tonique Confort by Lancôme Paris; it’s gel and later it melts. I think it’s really nice cause it doesn’t only moisturize but it also gives my face a fresh feeling.

Shampoo-conditioner by RogeR&Gallet Paris, Jean Marie Farina; I don’t use this shampoo that much, but I really like this one. It smells good and it really maintains your hair.

Liquid Hair Repair by Gliss Kur, Schwartzkopf; I always use this butter-mask. It’s very refreshing and it nourishes your hair with repair oils.

Cream gel hair care by Nivea; this is a very strong sortof gel. It makes your hair flexible and it gives you hair a soft glow.

So Magic! shower gel by Miracle; A crystal shower gel with a nice smell. What else do you want?!

Ultra doux après-shampooing by Garnier; an ultra soft rich cream hairconditioner. It contains advocat, buttercream and coconuts. I love this one! It makes your hair feel soft and it gives your hair a nice glow.

Hairmask by Garnier (Paris) Fructis; It is a creamy mask with fruitconcentrate. I recommend this one to the girls with dry and damaged hair. 😉

Volume booster by Andrélon; It gives your hair extra volume and strength. I use it when I’ve a bad hairday, and it helps a lot!

Diamond gloss by Nivea; gloss shampoo for the flexibility and softness.

Perfume by Kate Moss; this perfume is one of my favourites! I really like the smell of it. I definately recommend this one.

Perfume by Lolita Lempicka; also this one belongs to one of my favourites. It is a sweet perfume in a cute bottle in the shape of an heart. Me likeeey!

Wilde Roses deodorant by Weleda; I’ve bought this deodorant in Holland at ‘De Tuinen’. This deo has really the smell of wilde roses, altough I don’t use it as deodorant but I use this most of the time as perfume. (:

Aroma Confort bodylotion by Decléor Paris; a soft nourishing body milk. It repairs dry skin by treating its concerns. A real treat for your body in my opinion. (a)

Soooooo, that was my product haul. I hope I’ve inspired you? I don’t know for what I should be inspire you guys but whatever. Haha, react if you have some tips for me.