Jewelry on top

door ohmyboho

Heeey guyyss,
new post about the jewelry I like.
I have a lot of necklaces, bracelets and rings but don’t wear everything of it.
Here are my favourites;

Two bracelets from the Etos. I like them very much cause those bracelets are perfect for creating a colorful look (in the summer).

So as you can see; I have just one charm bracelet. That’s because I don’t like charm bracelets, they make so much noise. Just like the last braceletsset. Those are from fake metal I think, but they make so much noise and it’s just so annoying! So that’s a negative by those bracelets, I keep it on bead bracelets. (;

These are my favourite rings. The blue one and the red tie ring is nice for a summerlook and also a colouful look. And the oranje/red flower ring is perfect for fall/autumn! It matches great with all the autumn colors, so I should definately wear that ring now! (:

I love this necklace! I think this one is really cute combined with sweet clothes with soft colors.

This necklace can be combined at all looks. It adds something to your oufit (most of the time casual looks). I don’t wear often jewelry at school, so this necklace is perfect for me.

Such a cute necklace; a bottle with fake candy sticks in it and a label on the bottle with ‘Candy’. The one who discovered this necklace is just a genius. I don’t know why, but I just think it is. (:

A balloon with a little tie on the top. I like this one just like I like the candy necklace. Also a cute genius necklace for some reason.

That’s it. I buy all my jewelry at the Primark & six (and sometimes Claire’s and Bijou Brigitte).
You want to share your jewelry tips? Comment beneath this post if you want to. ; )