Room decoration

door ohmyboho

You wanna pimp your room? Well I may have some tips for you how to pimp it up a little.
Well these are the things I have in my room as decoration;

Cute candlelights! I’ve got this from my lovely friend Sofie. (:

Soaps; they leave a nice scent in your room and their give a soft, sweet look.

And big candles; they give a warm sphere and they make your room cosy if you light them.

A little decorative box is never bad. It fills up your room. The same with the gem and the little poodlebox.

And for some fun things in your room; a cute luminous pig! πŸ˜€
I’ve got this from my big sister in Italy, I soooo like it.

And also the same with this cute cat. You can’t buy these separated, you’ll get them if you buy a Vogue cosmetics package in different kinds.

AN OWL! πŸ˜€ I like owls, it’s not my favourite animal but I just like them. (: And it makes annoying sounds yaaayy!

This is a vase with a fake blossom twig and perfume bottle in the shape of a rose. Well I like it and I’m trying to fill it up with more twigs of fake flowers, but I always forget.

A few pictures graces your room and also collages are nice. I have 1 collage of me, my friends, family and pets. And my friend Sofie made me an other collage for my birthday of us. Sweet huh? (:

Shells in a jar is something you might like or dislike. Whatever, I like it but it depends on your taste. (;

And for some color and light in the evening; little lights in shape of colorful butterflies. You likey? Well, I do.

A Bulletin board is nice for hang up your pictures or card or whatever. But as you can see; this isn’t a bulletin board. It’s a birthday countdown. I’ve made this because I am (already) looking forward too my birthday (9th of Januari) and this is the perfect way to count your days till your birthday. For me, just 78 days! πŸ˜€

So that were my deco stuff. I have more ofcourse, but these are the main stuff. If you just saw my room, you would be in shock! My room’s waaaayy to much decoration actually. $:
But whatever, please send me a comment about what I should post. Cause my list of inspiration is almost empty. Only 3 posts left. So help me out and you’ll get a shoutout on twitter, tumblr, facebook and wordpress (if you want). (:

(photo of my room; )