tv recommends

door ohmyboho

Hi lovelieeees;
I’ve seen a lot of likeable series and programs this week and I think you will like these too. (:

It’s called Privileged; Megan Smith needs a job, so she is going teach the evil twins, Rose and Sage Baker. I’ve seen the first episode (in The Netherlands) this saturday. If you’d like to follow this serie too: it’s every Saturday at 19:35 NET5. ; )

Rizzoli & Isles; another serie about a man who’s getting killed. The two diva’s Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles are going to solve the crime. They are the worst duo ever, but in some way they complete each other. Every Saturday at NET5 at 20:30 .

Next Hair Guru: a competition to the best hairdresser. Who will be the next hair guru? every Tuesday at 21: 30 on NET5.

Two and a half men; I soooo like this comedy. It’s so funny about a single dad (Charlie) who lives with his son (Jake) and brother (Alan). He is a failure at flirting, while his brother is a womanizer! Jake is learning the things he shouldn’t know at his age. From Monday till Friday at 19:00 on Veronica.

According to Jim: Also a comedy. Jim and his wife Cheryl have 3 kids and they live with Jim’s best friend/brother-in-law Andy and Diana (his sister-in-law). A lot of humor in this program. From Monday till Friday at 18:40 on Veronica.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S : a comedy with lots of humor. A house full of 7 good friends and lovers. Every Tuesday at 22:20 on Veronica.

And ofcourse the loved drama serie by every girl: Gossip girl. You have to see the previous seasons if you wanna follow this serie. But I can say; IT’S ADDICTIVE! The next season will come soon on NET5, I hope.

So these are the programs and series I recommend; enjoy. (: