Hello november!

door ohmyboho

Hi fellas!
November has begun! The month of buying presents for Christmas (& Sinterklaas in The Netherlands) and preparation for December. It’s getting colder and darker outside. I really get the cosy-feeling if I only see white clouds; that’s kinda getting me the feeling like it’s going to snow! (:
I’m looking forward to December; the partymonth. A lot of holidays, muhahahah!
By the way, British and German meteorologists have predict that it’s gonna be a harsh winter in The Netherlands.
Maybe if it’s true, we will get snow free. 😀 (Or not) But IF it’s true, what am I going to do then? Sitting home (too harsh winter so you can’t go outside), in front of my tv, laptop and pets… Well, that’ll be interesting… ;p
But enough talking; some images to get in the December-mood.

{ More pictures at http://livelovelaughfashionx.tumblr.com/ }