Selfmanicure ♡

door ohmyboho

Hi, you wanna give your nails a manicure? Then read this post. (:

For healthy nails, it’s important to use bodybutter, vaseline, nailbutter or oil hand cream. Everything what’s moisturizing and nourishing is good for your hands, nails and cuticles. Your nails will be stronger and grow faster and your cuticles will be protected against damaging.
Step 1: clear your nails with nailpolish remover and wash your hands with soap.
Step 2: apply the moisturizing and nourishing stuff to your hands.
Step 3: File your nails with a wooden or a glass nail file. Don’t use a nail-scissor, cause the chance is bigger that your nails will split.
Step 3: Don’t use a sharp nail file to clean your nail edge, cause you will damage the nail fold with an infection or loosening of the nail as result.
Step 4: Push your cuticles back in the direction of your hand. Result: your nails look longer.
Step 5: Always use a basecoat! It protects your nail and the nailpolish will stick longer.
Step 6: Apply your nailpolish with a movement from your cuticles to your nailtop.
Step 7: Use topcoat for an extra glow and as a protecting layer.
Now your nails have been trought a complete selfmanicure!
For some extras; give hard working nails a vitamin-B treatment. Also use gloves if you do a lot of cleaning work.
Do this selfmanicure (apart from the nailpolish) once or twice a week and your nails will be stunning. 😀
Good luck!