Beauty day

door ohmyboho

Hi girlss!

Every weekend, I’m having a beauty day. It means that I’m going to shower longer and do all the beauty stuff.

First I’m going to sleep long to prevent bags under my eyes. Then I’m going to take a long shower to wash my hair (with shampoo & conditioner), to scrub my body and to shave my legs & armpits. After that I’m using bodylotion and a face scrub from Sabon.

While doing that, I’m having a moisturizing, hydrating hairmask (L’oreàl Paris) in my hair to prevent damaged hair. Next, I adapt moisturizing daycream on my face from dove;

and after that I’m using a mask from Dr. van der Hoog. This mask is a hydrating agril facemask.

While I’m having beauty day; I’m blogging, writing songs, tumblr-ing, making homework, cleaning my room or I’m watching make-up videos, roomtour videos or videos ‘bout outfits at youtube. (:

And after I’ve done this, I’m going to walk 10 km with my mom and jog 2 km with my dog. My condition is very bad, so I every day do 5 workouts (a) And it works, I’m getting better and better. For a good health it’s also important to eat healty. I always eat carrots, sandwiches, smoothies, fruitsalads, crackers with cheese and I’m drinking a lot of green tea, milk and water. vegetables & fruit is for a flexible skin and too have enough vitamins in your body. Milk (and cheese) is for white teeth, white eyes, strong cornea, white (faster growing) nails, against damaged hair and for stronger bones. Milk and yoghurt is actually very very very very good for everything! Water and green tea is moisturizing for your body, so your skin won’t dry out and it will clean itself. Water or tea is also very useful against acne. (:

Fat food makes your skin fat and it is actually nothing more than dirt in your body. So just eat it when you’re REALLY into a treat, then you can lose it in a couple hours. Otherwise you should do workouts or something to lose all that fat in your body. ; )