You’ll get what you want

door ohmyboho

Do you recognize that moment that you really really really really want something from your parents and they say ‘NO’?! Well, these tips might help. It actually depends on how your parents are. But you should at least have tried. It all works with my parents and I can tell ya that they don’t say ‘yes’ that easy (except my father heheh)…
Tips for long term:
– Be very patience and nice to your parents. If they’re asking you for a favour; YOU’LL DO IT.
– If you’re asking something and they say ‘no’; then don’t argue with them, just accept the ‘no’.
– Give your parents some treats, or just organize a mom-daughter day.
– IF you have a fight with your parents; Apologize at the good moment (if they’re watching tv or at dinner), show your feelings and give your opinion, maybe they will appreciate your guts.
– Ask IT at the good moment and tell them why you want it & where it’s good for. Just tell them that you’ll study hard and do everything what it takes!
Do all that nice treating stuff for a couple months or weeks.

Tips for short term:
– Ask them for ‘a little’ favour and then say what you want ( use; ‘I WILL DO EVERYTHING WHAT IT TAKES! PLEASE?’ with puppy eyes).
– If they say ‘Why?’ you say all the good things about it and where it’s good for.
– DON’T CRY OR NAG! It will only annoy your parents and then you’ll get nothing.
– If their answer is negative, then wait for another moment to ask them.

I hope it helped a bit?
Next post will be about taking care of your skin (again). But this one will be better tough. ; )