Top 3 hairstyle trendsetters

door ohmyboho

Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are two big names in the hairdressing world. Why? Because their hairstyle or hair color is every week different. In this post I will show you all their extraordinairy hairstyles.

But first Katy Perry; she is also some of a kind.
Her first single was ‘You’re so gay’ and her second hit was ‘I kissed a girl’. Not something you expect from a girl who was raised as a Christian. She doesn’t care anymore what everybody thinks of her.
With sexy dresses, bold hairstyles and a ‘bad’ husband does she seem to be a special woman. But we love it!

Lady Gaga, she goes for extravagant hairstyles! But also her clothingstyle is very… unique. Her first single was ‘Just Dance’ & her first megahit was Pokerface. She began as a shy artist and grow in her carreer and is now the most famous artist.

Nicki Minaj is known for its dip-dye hairstyles. She grow up with her grandmom in Saint James. Nicki claims that her mom was crazy and her dad was a junk. Despite her difficult childhood, she is now one of the hairstyle trendsetters and a famous rapper/artist. ‘Pink Friday’ was her biggest hit.