Healthy & Tight

door ohmyboho

today I’m going to sport a lot! I have just finished my homework and now I’m going to row on the rowing machine, run and I am going to walk 10 kilometers (=32808 feet) with my mom. And when my muscles are warmed-up, I’m going to do workouts (pilates). It looks very silly, but it is really good for your muscles tough; tight belly, tight butt, tight everything!

I’m going to drink a lot of water, that’s good for your blood vessels and for if you wanna lose weight.

I’m also going to drink smoothies and eat fruitsalads as lunch and snack. It contains vitamins, minerals and it’s tasty.

Well, I think that’s enough for a healthy, tight body! (: Mineral, vitamins and workouts.
Right now, I’m going to do all that so wish me luck.