Labello ; cause you’re worth it.

door ohmyboho

Hi loveliees!
Nobody loves lips more than Labello! It’s very usefull in this dry weather on a autumn day like this! Labello is not only good for taking care of your lips, they also look nice. The sticks are available in lots of colors and flavors!

I’m going to show you guys a couple Labellos (:

Pearly Shine; I have this one and it’s indeed very shiny…

Fruity Shine; this one gives your lips a fresh red/pink colour.

Olive & Lemon ; I can tell ya; a fresh flavor!

Soft Rose ; So sweeeet. (:

Mint & Minerals ; fresh & healing for your lips.

Chamomile & Calendula; recommended for chapped lips!

Vitamin Shake; the name says it already; it’s full of vitamins.

Hydro Care; is hydrating for your lips.

Milk & Honey; perfect combination for a healing result.

Classic Care; the classic labello, like it used to be.

– Labello is a good basis for under your lipstick.
– The first look where men look at: lips! So some Labello is never to much. (:
– You can scrub your lips with a toothbrush and warm water to remove the dead cells (or you use scrub lipbalm).
– Labello moisturizes your lips without making them fat.
– You give your lips a full look if you use Shiny Labello on the middle of your upper lip.
– 46 % of the Dutch people think their lips are hot.
– A Labello like these doesn’t cost more than €3,20 (= $4,35).