Shop till you drop!

door ohmyboho

Next week I’m going to buy winter clothes. 7 shops I love;
– Primark; you can only find this shop in Rotterdam & Hoofddorp (and in foreign countries). It’s the cheapest shop ever! And it has amazing clothes. Not everything is good quality, but you can keep the clothes for ‘bout a year, I think… 2 jeans for €10 ($13.50) or shirts for €2 ($2.7). It’s so cheap with nice clothes; I call it HEAVEN.

– Topshop; this fashionshop is for girl, women, boys and men. There are high fashion clothes for sale, with good quality and that is just the 7th heaven.

– Forever 21; I’ve never been to this shop, but I’ve heard and seen a lot of it. It is almost the same as Topshop (at least; that’s what I’ve heard). For me the nearest Forever 21 is in London, so I really wanna go shop in London. (:

– River Island; I always go to the River Island in the Kalverstreet in Amsterdam. The shop has normal prices but also some expensive stuff so it actually depends on how much money I have.

– H&M; I think everyone knows this shop. A shop with so many must-haves! It sells nice clothes for good, normal prices. It’s not the best quality; you can keep H&M clothes for about a half year or something… But I’m not going to the H&M anymore, cause in all my shirt of the H&M are little holes; like a moth has eaten my shirts. :s

– Zara; The clothes in there are cute and sweet and very fashionable. The prices are tolerant and the quality is good.

– Roxy; If I’m going to buy new jeans, I’m going to the Roxy in the Kalverstreet in Amsterdam! I don’t have a picture from the roxy, cause…  I just can’t find one. xd This shop sells the cheapest (fake) jeans ever! The prices for jeans (For example by Miss Anna) are mostly €15 or €20 ($20 or $27)! But the quality compared to the real jeans, is not that good. I can use the jeans for ‘bout a year. Yesterday I saw a very nice jacket, when I passed the Roxy! It was yellow with black; I really love that one! Next week when I’m going to shop, I have to buy that jacket! MUST. HAVE. IT.