My wishlist

door ohmyboho

It’s almost December; so lots of celebrations!
I have made my wishlist for my birthday and Christmas. For if you don’t know, I might have something in my list you like;

– Earrings.

– Nailpolish (purple, turquoise, gold, silver, white, black, yellow, babypink and glow-in-the-dark-nailpolish).

– New phone; Blackberry or Samsung Galaxy s2.

– Subscription for the Cosmogirl and/or Teen vogue.

– Cosmetics; new bronzer, highlighter, curling iron, mascara and concealer.

– Bracelets (beads).

– Necklaces.

– Photoshoot.

– Sweet candles (not scented).

– Perfume; Angel by Thierry Mugler, Love & Chuck by Ed Hardy and Golden Delicious by DKNY.

– Facescrub, facemasks, bath foam, bodylotion, hairmask and feetscrub.

– Pictureframes.

– The sims 3 pets.

– Gloves and a bonnet.

– Scarves.

– A fake mustache.

– Macarons.

– High heels.

– A hug from my friends. ♥