DIY: selfmade lipscrub

door ohmyboho

Hi darlingss!
Yesterday, I’ve made my own lipscrub (inspired by Bubblegum lipscrub by The Lush). I’m so addicted to it, can’t get my lips off. (a)
So what’s a lipscrub for? It scrubs the old skin away and it gives your lips a natural pigment. Some people get pink lips, some people lila/pink, red or brown; it actually differs per person. For the natural color; scrub 1 day a week (or more). (:

So how to make quick and easy your own lipscrub?
– An half Labello; You can use any chapstick you want. Just remember; The color and the flavor of your scrub depends on wich chapstick you use; I used the Labello fruity shine.
– One little jar of Vaseline; lipbalm with gloss (or just lipgloss).
– A little knife and a spoon.
– A jar; I used a large one, as big as the (big) bodyshop bodybutter.
– Sugar; how much? That depends on how raw you want the scrub. I prefer normal white sugar, cause that just scrubs good and it’s not too raw.
– Natural juice like Aloë Vera or Mint.

Cut an half of the Labello stick off and mix it in the jar with the Vaseline and the juice. After you’ve done that, you apply the sugar ( I’ve used 3 shovels with a medium spoon). Remember; you need a lot of sugar! Mix mix mix mix till it looks like scrub, put the it in the fridge for one night and it’s done! You have made your own lipscrub. (:
For me it only took 10 minutes to make it.