Being sick is pretty fucked up

door ohmyboho

I’m lightly sick and I have an extreme cold.
Well your stomach won’t alloud all the food when you’re sick.
So some things you might wanna eat:
– Tea with huney; it soothes your throat.
– Biscuit with huney, butter and sugar or anise; sooo yummy!
– grated apple; fruit for enough vitamins and stuff.
– Brothsoup, chickensoup or cup-a-soup.
– cooked (dry) rice.
– Yogurt with cereal and fruit.
– Blueberry juice, water, apple juice.
– Licorice; so fucking delicious.

Warm food is better for your throat and stomach. And I recommend NO chocolate and sour food, cause it only makes the pain in your throat more worse.
If you got the feeling you have to throw up; then breath in trough your nose and breath out with your mouth. Breath very calm and just lay down till it’s over.

Things you can do if your sick:
– Play games like on the computer, wii, playstation or with other things.
– Blog (:
– Tumblr (:
– DIY for making makeup or something like that.
– Make homework (not gonna happen).
– Pimp some boring stuff.
– Chat with friends.
– Cuddle with your pet or teddybear.
– Sleep.
– Plan your week(end) for if your better.
– Watch videos on youtube.
– Watch online movies or series.
– Read books or magazines.
– Make artistic pictures.
– Paint or draw.
– Take a long bath.

If your sick, you sweat a lot, cause your body has to work hard to remove al those bad bacteria. That’s also a reason to drink a lot.
If you don’t eat fruit, then take vitamintablets, you still need the daily nourishment. Don’t go outside, the sun will help the bad bacteria grow and if it’s cold; it will only disturb the battle in your body between the good and bad bacteria.

So that were my tips and advices for if you’re sick.