DIY: eyeshadow primer

door ohmyboho

I’m going to tell you guys how to make an eyeshadow primer. An eyeshadow primer is to let your eyeshadow last longer. So that’s actually quite expensive and with just 3 products you can make your own primer, wich is way more cheaper.

The supplies you need;
– Foundation or concealer (from your own skintone); I’d rather liquid.
– Bodylotion or something like that.
– An example jar; I used an example jar from the bodyshop.
– A toothpick.
– And if you want you can use shimmer powder or just an eyeshadow for a shimmery base.

Put some of the bodylotion and the foundation in the jar. Mix it with the toothpick, till it doesn’t move anymore when you shake the jar. Then you apply the shimmer powder; I used orange/pink. Then stir stir stir, till you think it’s enough. And voilĂ ! You have your own eyeshadow primer. It took me only 7 minutes to make this, so it’s not only easy but also quick.