Walking in a winter wonderland

door ohmyboho

Hi everyone!
I’m not blogging that much anymore, cause I’m a little depressed the last time.
Anyway, I’m going to tell you guys how to pimp your room to a christmas paradise.
Lets first start with things you shouldn’t have in your room;
colorfull stuff has to be removed, like flowers, prints or boxes.
I’ve removed everything what did not have a christmas color (red, white, gold, silver and green).

So my room is cosy as you can see and a bit christmas like. I’m still busy with creating a winterroom, but it’s coming. I’m also busy with making a christmas painting for in my room;

You can also buy a mini christmastree, I think I’m going to buy one next week. (:
So to sum up; candles, christmas lights, a christmas plant (Euphorbia), christmas images, christmas patterns on things and christmas garlands are basically the perfect things to pimp your christmas room. (:
And ofcourse christmas songs! I want to download christmas songs at my computer, but I don’t know nice (new) songs. So please let me know if you do!